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March 6
How to Buy Apartment Buildings
Plus Health Insurance Options for the Self-Unemployed

Apartment buildings, bought and managed right, can literally be your path to a WAAAAY early retirement. And no, you don’t have to buy single family homes first…or have a ton of your own money…or even buy them in Columbus.

Our guest speaker, Anthony Chara, owns over 1,400 units around the US with his partners, and he did it all starting exactly where you are now—with zero apartment buildings.

Whether you’re a member or not, a new investor or an experienced one, you’re welcome to come and see why Anthony thinks you should be buying apartments NOW, and what they can do for you.

Get the whole agenda (we’re also going to be hearing from a panel of insurers about your health insurance options when your apartments start making so much money that you quit your job) and RSVP HERE

FEBRUARY 17 & 18

TWO DAY Wealth Building Workshop
with Robyn Thompson,
So Cheap We Hesitate to Tell You the Price… 

            Robyn Thompson is SOOOOO Good, and her topics (How to Get Rich Rehabbing on Saturday the 17th and How to Build Massive Passive Wealth with High-End Rentals on Sunday) are SOOOO hot that people are asking us why it’s so CHEAP. 

            It’s only $97 for members for both days ($127 for non-members) because Robyn insisted that we make it as affordable as possible for as many people as possible—but that means it’s going to FILL UP, so click here to grab one of the last 20 seats (and see the full agenda).

COREE: A Community Just for You!
COREE is More Than Just a "Real Estate Investor  Association":
It's a Community OF Real Estate Entrepreneurs,
FOR Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

Columbus Gets a Royal Visit from the Queen of Rehab!

If you’ve always wanted to make $20,000-$50,000 checks “Fixing and Flipping” houses, you REALLY need to learn what Robyn Thompson has to teach.

She’s done that over 350 times, and she’s got systems and advice for everything from how to find the good deals to how to get the money to how to deal with the contractors to how to sell fast and for top price.

And as an extra bonus, you’ll learn all about the new tax law and how it affects you at our 6:00 meeting, too.

All members and guest are welcome to this special meeting with the national expert. All the details and your instant online registration are HERE


Let’s cut to the chase and spend a day getting you on the right track to making some real money in 2018.

This workshop, led by uber-experienced investor Vena Jones-Cox, covers all the basics like how to choose the right exit strategy, avoid overspending on education, find deals in a hot market, and stay on track.

It’s a real-life, warts-and-all look at what you’ll have to do to, who you’ll have to know, and what you’ll need to learn, to live the life of your dreams with real estate as the money-making vehicle.

…and best of all, it’s UNDER $100 for members, and just $127 for non-members Get the full description and grab a seat HERE.

Can’t attend January 20th? Vena is teaching the same class on January 27th in Cincinnati, and it’s the same price. Register for that HERE

What Successful Investors Have in Common (and What You Can Do to Copy Them) + How to Slash Your Tax Bill and Pick the Perfect Exit Strategy

Note One Time Change of Meeting Location: The Crowne Plaza at 6500 Doubletree Drive (yeah, we know…confusing)
less than 1 mile from our usual location

Join Central Ohio's biggest, fastest-growing and most excited community of real estate investors and entrepreneurs to kick off the year right!

At our first meeting of 2018, we'll network, learn how to win tax appeals to lower expenses on our rentals, talk to new investors about how to choose from what seems to be a zillion exit strategies, and then learn what your successful competitors have and do that you probably need to copy.

That register button right there will get you the full details, let you download a first-time guest pass, and get you to the RSVP Page!  


December 5th Main Meeting:
Holiday Networking, Best & Worst Deals of the Year

It’s the end of another year packed with education and information, and it’s time for the COREE team to thank our amazing community (that’s you!) with food, networking, bargains, and fun! Bring your spouse or partner (1 free guest per member or $35 for non-members), but either way...
PLEASE, PLEASE RSVP by December 4th,
so we know how much food to order!

Here’s the agenda:
6:00-7:30 Dinner, Networking, and Silent Auction

   Hang out and meet your next buyer, seller, partner, agent—who knows? There’ll be a dinner buffet and you’ll get the first shot at our silent auction items, with gift cards, home study courses, and more. Top bidder takes ‘em home...usually cheap!

7:30-9 p.m. Buy, Sell Trade & Best and Worst Deals of 2017
    Learn and enjoy as members share their war stories and triumphs of 2017, then vote for the winners of the cherished plaques in the categories of Best Deal of the Year, Worst Deal of the Year, Most Creative Deal of the Year, and Best Deal by a new investor.

In order to compete in one of these categories:

  • You must be a current COREE member to compete
  • Your deal must have been completed during 2017
  • You must email the details and any backup documentation to Sara@theRealEstateGoddess.com  by December 4th

You’ll learn lots about your fellow investors and how deals are made right here in Central Ohio, and it’s tons of fun, too!

Cleaning Out Your Garage? Donate to Our Silent Auction!

Do you have real estate-related books, courses, audios, tools, or other things you’d like to get out of your garage and into someone else’s? Donate them to our silent auction! Just bring them to the early meeting on December 5th, and we’ll use them to raise money for the all-important OREIA PAC! If you plan to donate something, please send an email to sara@therealestategoddess.com or just bring it to the meeting by 6:30!

November 7th Main Meeting with Joe Lucas
How to Get Practically Free Houses

Yeah, we thought that headline would get your attention—and yeah, it’s for real. Attorney Joe Lucas will discuss how to find and get all those “zombie houses” you’ve heard about—the ones where the bank is refusing to foreclose and yet the owner doesn’t want them. More importantly, he’ll talk about how you can use little-known legal processes to wipe out that mortgage, getting the property for just the amount of the back taxes and court fees!

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify opportunities to get free or nearly free property (Hint: they’re not found on the MLS!);
  • Information sources and data mining for the real estate investor;
  • How to obtain title through a quiet title action;
  • Which zombie foreclosures are worth pursuing, and which to run from;
  • How to time the payment of the property taxes so you don’t spend a bunch of money before you make money

   And most importantly, you’ll know a strategy that almost no real estate entrepreneurs are aware of, and see profit-making opportunities where others don’t!

Joe Lucas is an attorney with practice focused on real estate matters. He operates a 6-attorney firm with offices located in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Canton. Joe is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Before practicing law, Joe served in the U.S. Air Force.

Early meeting for new investors

Risk assessment: are the fears that are holding you back really “real”?  All the knowledge and education in the world isn’t going to do you a bit of good if you let fear or uncertainty stop you from “pulling the trigger”. In this powerful session, we’ll do a full-on analysis of your worst fears about losing money, getting sued, making a fool of yourself—whatever your issue is—and talk about what the real worst-case scenarios are. By bringing your fears out into the light, you’ll see that the worst that can happen if you DON’T do something is worse than if you DO.

                If you feel like you’ve become mired in analysis paralysis, you need to make absolutely sure that you get to this meeting: we promise that if you participate, it will get you off your rear and into the real estate world!

Early Meeting for Active Investors

Bookkeeping mistakes that are costing you money. Many active investors learned how to keep books on the fly—and let’s face it, a lot of us aren’t great at it. But there are some bookkeeping mistakes that are probably costing you a lot of money, either in extra fees, lost deductions, or incorrect accounting that could come back to bite you with big penalties. Learn the most common bookkeeping mistakes, along with tips for software and people who can make your bookkeeping a lot easier if you let them.

Contract of the Month

No-Interest Note. Since Chris McClatchey’s visit last month, many members have asked for an example of a note (for an owner held mortgage) that does NOT include interest. Come to the November 2nd meeting, and you’ll get one of your very own. Miss it, and you’re out of luck.

And There's Even More:
5:30      Free light dinner
6:00      Early Meetings
7:00      Buy/Sell/Trade, Deal of Month, guest welcome
7:30      Main Meeting
9:00      Meeting after the Meeting-hotel bar

October 14th and 16th: Free Educational Workshops

Free 3-Hour Workshop: The Real Estate Investing Market and How to Prosper in 2017 and 2018

2 Times and Days Available
Sponsored by COREE
Open to the public
No expensive seminars or courses for sale!

         When you understand the real estate market—what’s happening with prices, rents, inventory, and financing—it’s a whole lot easier to start (or build) a real estate renting or flipping business that makes money.

When you understand what’s likely to happen NEXT in the market, it’s a whole lot easier to make plans now that will make you millions as the market changes.

         So how about spending a few hours learning what’s really happening in the Tristate-area market today, so you evaluate the right strategies for you, without all the hype?

This Free Workshop, Courtesy of COREE,
Shows You What’s Actually Working, What’s Not,
And What YOU Need to do to Prosper…

         No matter what those big seminar companies tell you, not every strategy works equally well in every market at every time.

         Those of us who make our living renting, wholesaling, lease/optioning, and retailing right here in the Columbus area know that our market is not the San Diego market, or the Phoenix market.

         And we’re giving you the opportunity to look at the LOCAL trends, numbers, and strategies—and to meet other who are creating fortunes investing right here in OUR market—at this workshop.

You Might Learn More in this 3 Hours
Than at Seminars You’ve Paid Thousands For.

     Your instructor is Vena Jones-Cox, past president of that National Real Estate Investors Association and 25-year veteran of the investing business. She’s done over 1,000 deals, and really keeps her fingers on the pulse of the business.

       Get to this workshop, where we guarantee that she’ll share:

  • When we’re likely to see that next real estate bubble, and what do to prepare yourself to make millions when it happens
  • When the massive decline in deal inventory, increase in competition, and continued lack of easy financing might ease up, and what to do when it does, and what to do in the meantime so that you can making money NOW and keep making it, come what may
  • What the “hot” market means to you as a wholesaler, retailer, note buyer, or landlord in terms of how you should be focusing your time and energy
  • The best, most implementable ways for YOU to buy, sell, rent, and finance deals for maximum profit in the next 12 months
  • Which strategies you need to learn and focus on NOW, so that you don’t waste your time or spin your wheels with outdated information

So to Summarize:

  1. You’ll find out what’s going on in the market today—and what’s probably next
  2. You’ll learn which strategies actually WORK, and are easy, and make money
  3. You’ll meet lots of valuable contacts and colleagues
  4. It’s free
  5. You won’t be sold a $50,000 education package
  6. You should come.

You Do Need to Save Your Seat,
‘Cause We Only Have a Few at Each

You can do that at TrainWithVena.com or by calling (888) 551-9389. You’ll see your choices when you go there.

We hope you’ll take us up on this unique chance to step back and take a look at what you really SHOULD be doing in the real estate market, without all the hype and hardcore sales.

Looking forward to seeing you on at one of these free workshops!

October 3rd: COREE Main Meeting with Mike Jacka
Estimate Repair Costs Fast and Right
note one-time change of location:
We'll be at Quest Conference Center,
8405 Pulsar Pl. in Polaris
This Meeting Only...

Main Meeting 7:30-9:00
You can’t make smart offers until you can make smart repair cost estimates. And when you know how to do it FAST AND ACCURATELY, you’ll save valuable time, make more offers, and get more deals—not to mention the costly mistakes you’ll avoid!

Mike Jacka is a long-time retailer and experienced wholesaler who’s developed a system for repair estimation for his own business that’s so easy that even his non-rehabber assistants can use it, and he’ll share it with us at this meeting.

He’ll cover all the basics, including:

  • Which components of a property are “major” (expensive and potentially difficult to fix), which are “minor” (still in the budget but not likely to kill the budget)
  • How to determine the cost of repairs within each category, and for individual items
  • How to develop the skill of getting this done in the time it usually takes to drink your morning coffee

   Mike is experienced, real-life, and has a severe allergy to hype, so if you’re looking for real advice from someone who really does this, here it is.

6:00 - 7:00 Early meetings

For New Investors: How to make offers that will get accepted with Vena Jones-Cox.
Making offers right is one of the most crucial—and overlooked!—skills that a serious real estate investor can learn.  From what to say to how to say it to what to do when the seller says “No”,  you need to know how to handle the offer process to have the best chance of getting your offers accepted. Learn this and more at this month’s new investor meeting.

For Experienced Investors: How to Hack Your Credit Score (and what to do when you raise it) with Matthew Adams.
Yes, you can do real estate with no credit, but it’s a lot easier when banks will give you unsecured credit lines to buy properties, tax liens, notes, and more. That doesn’t happen without a stellar credit score, and most real estate entrepreneurs don’t know how to achieve that. Matt Adams has studied how to do this and has raised his score 100 points in the last 6 months. He’ll share his best tips and tricks in this workshop.

And There's Even More:
5:30      Free light dinner
6:00      Early Meetings
7:00      Buy/Sell/Trade, Deal of Month, guest welcome
7:30      Main Meeting
9:00      Meeting after the Meeting-hotel bar 

October 14th & 15th: Junkers to Jewels 2-Day
Estimation, Evaluation, and Offer-Making Extravaganza!
with Jerry Fink and Mike Jacka

There's a LOT of Profit in Them Thar’ Junkers...
And there's literally no easier, more effective way to learn how than to look at real junker properties with real rehabbers, then spend time with those experts finding out how to evaluate them, negotiate them, and what to do with them to make money

  In the most ambitiously-complete training on junker properties we’ve offered, we’re bringing you TWO experienced investors for TWO days to nail down your ability to make money in ugly properties. You’ll:

  • Tour real houses and learn to really evaluate the condition and costs of repair
  • How to use your estimates to negotiate with sellers and bring them around to your way of thinking
  • How to determine exit strategies and use THAT information to construct multiple offers and just let the seller determine which one he likes

   Think about what just ONE new idea will earn you on your next rehab, turnover, or even wholesale deal—and then ask yourself when you’ve EVER gotten the chance to get his hands-on with this many experts for this little money.

   And when you've come up with the answers "Lots, and Never", REGISTER, because this is a unique chance to get the inside scoop on all the challenges and opportunities in junkers today

Due to the limitations on the size of the bus (and, let's face it, how many people we can effectively lead through a property), this event is STRICTLY LIMITED to just 50.

Mike Jacka

Jerry Fink



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