Saturday March 13th, 10:00am - 2:00pm eastern, Online
Blow Up Your Lead Pipeline + 
Vacant Land GOLD

You can’t get enough info about how to perfect and automate direct mail marketing...and you ALSO need to know how to use that marketing to invest in or flip one of the most poorly under-stood asset classes out there: raw land!

It’s taught by Kathy Kennebrook, she’s bought and sold hundreds of deals in the super-competitive Bradenton, Florida market, mostly using direct mail and mostly NOT using her own money! Just $47 for members, $97 for non-members with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Click HERE for the details and to register.

You need a community of like-minded investors more than ever...

And We're Here for You!

It's an interesting time to be a real estate investor...lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.

Our members have...well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in 'good' markets and 'bad', and we're working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate...

Plus, we know how much you value NETWORKING with like-minded people, so...

COREE's meetings are continuing uninterrupted (but online, of course), including our regular 1st Tuesday of the month meetings, and our AWESOME members-only focus groups.

If you're a member, you'll get links and passwords to all of our focus group meetings, regular meetings, and special meeting via email, so make sure we have your BEST email.

If you're not a member, become one! Click HERE for our inexpensive, satisfaction guaranteed membership options. 

Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you're welcome!

COREE: A Community Just for You!

We're More Than Just a "Real Estate Investors Association": 
We're a Community OF Real Estate Entrepreneurs, 
FOR Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

     Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs is the Columbus area's largest, fastest-growing, most excited and exciting community of real estate investors, landlords, wholesalers, retailers, creative buyers, lease/option aficionados and more.

     Our community is open to new and experienced wealth builders who value:

  • The immense local, in-the-trenches knowledge and experience contained within our community
  • Both introductory and in-depth training on a variety of potential strategies 
  • Education about tactics AND ethics, hows AND whys, benefits AND risks
  • Sharing resources from knowledge to referrals with fellow members
  • The support and confidence that a group of like-minded, prosperity-focused can give you in starting or growing your real estate business

         Yes, COREE gives you tons of money-making, locally-based education about how to make more money in real estate investing. But what's REALLY valuable is the sense of community you get with other Columbus-area landlords, wholesalers, retailers, note investors, and the people who provide services to them.

     Got questions about neighborhoods? Need contractor recommendations? Have a deal to sell, or need to buy one? Need to learn to do your first deal, or to build your little real estate business into a big one? Or just want to hang with awesome people who believe as strongly as you do that real estate investing is an awesome business?

     Our main meetings are open to the public and your first meeting is always FREE; download a first-time guest pass to our next main meeting by clicking any main meeting announcement in the right column.

Join us and see...COREE is a community you can't do without!

ONLINE Saturday February 27th 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (eastern)

The Complete Guide to 
(Legally, Ethically, Profitably) 
Buying Properties Subject to the Existing Loan

     Yes, we know: you want to know how to buy properties “Subject To” the existing loan, so that you can take over other people’s mortgages with little or no money down and no qualifying.

     But you can’t possibly learn how to do that RIGHT in an hour-long meeting, so we’ve found you a complete, soup-to-nuts, nothing-else-to-buy workshop from one of the country’s best instructors—for under $100. Click HERE to learn more and get a seat!

 March 4th, Online
How to Use Direct Mail Right to Get Off-Market Bargains
+ (Hands On) How to Write a Purchase Agreement

      The great thing about belonging to a great real estate association is that you get a constant stream of implementable, market-relevant, up-to-the-minute advice and training all the time, and for a tiny fraction of the price the national education mills charge (see HOW tiny HERE)

      This week’s COREE meeting is yet more proof of that: you’ll hear from one of the country’s most successful real estate investors how she gets off-market bargains in one of the hottest regions of the U.S. using targeted direct mail to a handful of niche lists, plus walk through how to fill out a purchase agreement, whether it’s for a cash, “wholesale” deal, a deal where you need hard money financing, a probate property, a tenant-occupied property, or something else.

              Members and first-time guests attend free; register for your zoom link HERE.

February 18th, ONLINE

Buying Properties without Qualifying for Loans 
Plus How to Read a Closing Statement 
& Save Big on Closing Costs

+ Cocktail Hour with Your Future Co-Millionaires…

(Register to get your link HERE)

      Interested in hearing more about buying properties “Subject to the Existing Loan” from a real-life investor who’s been doing it for years? You should be, because it’s a LOT more involved than just ‘finding the right seller’, and a LOT easier than plopping down a 20% down payment and qualifying for a bank loan every time you want to buy a property…

      Join us on February 18th, and you’ll get a big ‘ol no-BS dose of that, PLUS, at our early meeting at 6, get a lesson on one of the most confusing parts of buying or selling a property: reading the closing statement and figuring out which of those fees are necessary, and which you shouldn’t be paying.

     Feeling super-motivated to build some relationships with future partners, lenders, buyers, sellers, and advisors? Join us at 5 eastern for our Zoom Cocktail Hour, and we’ll help you do exactly that…register HERE to get your meeting link.

      As always, members and first-time guests are free. If you’re a returning guest, you can pay the $35 meeting fee, or join the awesome community here for just $25 a month and get access to over 15 monthly meetings, networking sessions, discounts, “members only” education, and more…

February 4th ONLINE

Hands-On “Comping” workshop +
A Primer About 
Why You Want to Buy Apartments, Not Houses…

              Still don’t quite get how to find the REAL value of a property you want to make an offer on? Maybe it’s because you haven’t ACTUALLY walked through to process, on your own computer, with a real property and guidance about how to take all those comparable sales and narrow them down to the best ones. That’s the FIRST thing we’ll do at this meeting…

              And the SECOND thing we’ll do is hear from a member who buys apartments all over the U.S. about why, if cash flow is your goal, you should maybe consider going STRAIGHT to larger rentals, do not pass single family homes do not collect $200 a month (collect $2,000 a month instead). And yes, you can do that even if you don’t have zillions of dollars in the bank…he’ll explain why…

              …but only if you’re REGISTERED (do that HERE) and show up Thursday night.

              Everyone, from anywhere in the world, is welcome!

Saturday January 30th 9 am -2 pm ONLINE

Get the REAL Scoop on What You Need to 
Know and Do to Make Serious Money
Wholesaling in 2021

            No B.S. here—just a quickstart guide to the skills and work you’ll need to do to make wholesaling a serious part of your income (and not get into trouble while you’re doing it). It’s taught by Vena Jones-Cox, it’s awesome, and it’s been the launching pad for a LOT of members on successful wholesale careers over the years. Just $47 for members, $97 for non-members with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Click HERE for the agenda and to register.

January 21st, ONLINE

The REAL About the How, What, Where and Why
of Investing in Short-Term Rentals (a.k.a. AirBnBs)
Plus Are the New PPP Loans a Good Bet for YOUR Business?

            As always, we’re out to make sure you get the most real-life, no-hype information and networking opportunities about the hottest topics in the market today.

            And without a doubt, what real estate investors are buzzing about right now is the new round of  low-interest, forgivable,  “PPP” loans for small businesses, and the super-sexy strategy of turning rentals or rehabs into highly-profitable short-term rentals.

            So we’re bringing real life experts to YOU, online, to show you how YOU might benefit from these strategies, and all you need to do is register HERE.

            Members and first-time guest are free; if you’re a returning guest, it’s time to JOIN HERE, because the meeting fee is $35 and it only costs $25 a month to be a member and get ALL the education, networking, and benefits for an entire month…

January 7th, ONLINE

Kick off Your Real Estate Business Right in 2021:
Learn How to Get Private Money, 
And the Shortest Path to 
Winning the Real Estate Game

            Year in and year out, through burning hot and ice cold markets, recessions and boom, and even pandemics, we’ve been here educating, supporting, and connecting YOU with the resources you need to win your own personal real estate game.

            At our first meeting of 2021, we’ve got real-life investors sharing the best ways to find private financing for your wholesale deals, rehabs, rentals, and notes, plus a no-holds-barred, warts-and-all look at what you’ll REALLY need to do to reach that ultimate goal of having so much passive income that you never have to trade your precious hours for dollars again.

            Members and first-time guests are free; click HERE to register, or HERE to discover the reams of benefits that come with being a member (and how cheap it is to join!)

December 1st , ONLINE:
Connections, Contests, and Community…
and You’re Invited!

            Viruses, murder hornets, murder-by-tiger, the stock market roller coaster, the inventory drought, losing Kobe and Chadwick waaay too soon—it’s easy enough to look at 2020 as one long, slow train wreck that none of us could look away from.

            But there have been lots of bright spots here in COREE world, like getting all the education that made you join in the first place—without fighting traffic to access it. And our AMAZING new Friday morning exchange meetings, where connections are being built and deals being done state- and nationwide every week. And the many members who’ve stepped up to help others with everything from funding to deals to advice to simple

            And, of course, the many profitable, interesting, creative deals done by members of our community in 2020 that improved communities, kept Americans employed and taxes flowing into local coffers, and, of course, made buckets of money.

            On December 1st, we’re celebrating the awesome community that is COREE with our annual Holiday Party and Best and Worst Deals of the Year presentation. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is FREE…click here for the agenda and registration

November 5th, ONLINE
Your Colleagues Should Be Your 
Most Important Resource
for Money, Deals, Referrals, Help, and Advice.
Learn How to Build These Relationships on November 5th

    If you’ve been around COREE for ANY length of time, you’ve noticed that there’s millions of dollars a year in business being done BETWEEN members of our community. The relationships you build here can produce everything you need, from funding to partnerships to deals to help with contracts, referrals…even getting your office organized or your mailing done.

      In fact, if you aren’t building these relationships, you’re missing out on one of the biggest benefits of membership—and this meeting is all about how to create them, how to ask for what you need, and how to formalize them when and if that time comes.

       If you’ve ever thought that getting or becoming a partner, a mentor, a lender, or even just JV’ing certain deals would help you grow your business faster, GET TO THIS MEETING; it’ll show you how, and why, and with whom to do that.

        Members and first time guests are always free; register HERE to get your link.

              Not a member? Become one! It’s super-cheap, and the education, advice, and relationships you get will pay you back many times over!

November 7th-14th, ONLINE
Why All Your Colleagues 
Will Mysteriously Disappear
On November 7th-14th

    You’ll notice that your fellow members will be hard to get hold of in the 2nd week of November.

    That’s because they’ll be spending their Saturdays and weeknights learning how to be better, smarter, wealthier, and more organized and vision-driven, and you should, too.

     Over 900 new and experienced real estate entrepreneurs have already registered for the 2020 OREIA National Real Estate Investing Summit, because they know that this event’s long history of providing the most detailed, actionable advice for meeting the challenges and grabbing the opportunities in the current market is even MORE important as we enter the 2021-2022 recession…

     And since this year’s event is online (and all the live sessions will be recorded and sent to every registrant at no additional cost), there’s zero excuse for not being there.

     Check out the 75+ hours of workshops, networking events, and learning from the most experienced and successful housing providers, flippers, and note buyers in the U.S.—and get registered now, while the price is cheap—at

October 15th ONLINE:
Find Out Everything You Need to Know
About People and Properties
with Just a Computer and a Phone

            Whether you’re a wholesaler, a housing provider or short-term rental owner researching out-of-state purchases, or a note buyer, the time will come when you need to stalk a deal before you can bring it down. So we’re bringing you a whole meeting full of tips and tricks for doing exactly that: finding everything from owner mailing addresses and phone numbers to who owns the LLC that owns the property to, maybe, interior pictures of the property you’re interested in. 

            You'll also learn what you need to know about getting started building wealth through rentals. So before you run out and make a huge, costly mistake, come to this meeting and learn the basics of choosing, evaluating, and running rentals.

            Members and first-time guest are, as always, free; register to receive your link HERE

            Not a member? You should be: we offer over 15 educational and networking meetings per month, for just $25 per month or $247 per year. Find out more HERE

October 1st ONLINE:
Everything You Need to Know
to Make Money in Foreclosures

            No one wants to see a wave of foreclosures—but thanks to the nationwide economic shut down and massive loan delinquencies, they’re coming.

            The quickest way to move past this unfortunate situation and get back to a healthy real estate market is for real estate investors to buy them, fix them, and rent or sell them. And yes, make money and hire Americans in the process.

            Our October 1st meeting takes you through the opportunities and challenges at every stage of the foreclosure process, from pre-foreclosure to the public auction to bank-owned properties and beyond.

            Members and first-time guest are, as always, free; register to get your link HERE

            Not a member? You should be: we offer over 15 educational and networking meetings per month, for just $25 per month or $247 per year. Find out more HERE

September 17th:
What the CDC Eviction Ban Means to You
And, On a More Pleasant Note, 
How to Pick the Best 
Cash Flow/Wealth Building Strategy for YOU

      We’re here, week in and week out, to help you understand and thrive in the always-changing real estate market, whether you’re an experienced housing provider or a raw newbie.

      On Thursday, September 17th, we’re taking an hour to deal with the unpleasantness (and probable unconstitutionality) of the new CDC eviction ban with a top real estate attorney, then moving on to the much more cheerful topic of which of the many cash flow strategies—single family rentals, buying notes and mortgages, apartments, short-term rentals, private lending—is the lowest-hassle, easiest to find, has the highest returns…

   Join us for this meeting free as a member or first-time guest by getting your link HERE

     If you’ve been to our meetings before, you already KNOW how awesome they are, and it’s cheaper (and better for YOU, since it also gets you access to our 10 monthly focus group meetings, our ‘ask the expert’ one-on-one Q&A opportunities, and our incredible weekly ‘exchange’ meetings) to just join for $25 HERE than it is to pay the meeting fee.

August 20th, 2020
Million Dollar Earners Share
How They’d Do it Again
If They Lost it All Tomorrow…
(Plus a Simple Explanation of the Asset Protection You Really Need)

        Here at COREE, we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealth—but if you want to know how to build it as fast as possible, with as few useless detours and wasted energy as possible, this is your meeting.

        A panel of our most experienced “enders”—the folks who are already where you want to be—will talk about what they’d do to make a million dollars in 2 years if they lost EVERYTHING except their knowledge.

        In other words, they’ll be showing you, from the vantage point of decades of experience, exactly what YOU need to be spending your time on if YOU want to build your business and assets fast.

        If you come early, there are also workshops on team building and tenant screening—get the details, agenda, and a free first-time guest pass HERE.

September 3rd 
Come for what you need to
Find Off-Market Deals,
Make Offers that Get Accepted,
and Get YOUR Problems Solved

       Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor pandemics stop the up-to-the-minute education and individual support that the REIA of Greater Cincinnati community has been providing for over 45 years…

       …and since the biggest problem members are having right now seems to be FINDING DEALS, we’re bringing you two of the best investors in the country on the topic of how to find off-market bargains, with a multi-pronged approach you probably haven’t tried.

       Plus, if you’ve got the time and need the help, there’s an early workshop at 6 p.m. for new investors about how to make offers that actually get accepted.

      And if you really, really have issues you need to solve—understanding concepts, working through a deal, a rental management conundrum—join us a 5:00 for one on one help with our ask the expert zoom rooms.

       Guests are welcome at our 6:00 and 7:15 workshops; get your link to join us HERE.

      Ask the expert rooms are a member benefit; members can get a link to join HERE. Not a member? You can try out this amazing community and all its benefits and education for just $25 for a full month HERE.

August 6th, 2020
Why NOW is the best time to get started
in note investing
(Plus the basics of seller financing)

            Like every other strategy in real estate investing, investing in (or flipping) notes and mortgages as a distinct ‘cycle’. When note holders are worried about the economy—say, because there’s a 5.5% nationwide mortgage default rate, or 10% of Americans are unemployed—they get more anxious to sell, and at better prices.

            That makes right now a great time to get started in this business, which coincidentally can be done 100% at home, with a phone and laptop, and never requires visiting a property. And the world’s leading expert in how to DO the note business from your kitchen table is Donna Bauer, who started that way herself, about 1,000 deals ago.

            Register for our online meeting August 6th, and she’ll share how you can do it too; Join us at 7:30 pm or at 6 for our early workshop about the basics of “Seller Financing” by clicking this link.

July 2nd:
How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants
Best Strategies for Wholesaling RIGHT NOW

            And the ‘new normal’ rolls on for real estate entrepreneurs…as does the down-to-earth “How to Make the Recession Skip Your Household” education that REIAGC provides.

            At this week’s meeting, we’ll hear from a panel of active wholesalers in the region about how they’re making money, what’s working best for them in all aspects of their business, and what they expect in the months and years to come.

            Plus, we’ll take the opportunity of the online format to show you EXACTLY HOW to hire a virtual assistant to answer your phones, research your properties, get your lists…whatever you need.

            To get your link for this online meeting, Click HERE.

June 18th  (online)
Two of the BEST Strategies in a Recessionary Real Estate Market--
One for BUYING, One for SELLING

               When you’re a real estate entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as a “bad” real estate market—but, yeah, some things work better when the market is ‘hot’, and other things work better when markets are ‘cold’.

               In our continuing mission to get you ready to prosper, stimulate the local economy, and help buyers and sellers get past problems that they can’t solve themselves, we’re bringing you expert advice on TWO important recessionary market tactics: Short Sales, and Repair for Equity Deals.

               Click here to get the whole agenda and your link to join…

“Ask the Expert” “Tables” are Back, and 
Here’s How you use them…

               We have sooooo much experience and expertise stored up among our members that there’s zero reason for you to struggle with concepts, deals, hurdles, or anything else that’s stopping you from building wealth and income in your real estate investing journey

               We’ll connect you with any of 5 veteran real estate investors at our pre-meeting “ask the expert” zoom meeting at 5 pm on June 18th, and you can ask any question you want, no matter how basic, or complicated, you think it is.

               You’ll log in, pick the room that’s right for you and ask away…AND learn from the questions of others.

               It’s for members only, so there’s a separate link to register HERE. If you’re not a member, and you want to take advantage of this opportunity, plus our powerful haves and wants online meeting, our many focus groups, and our other ‘members only’ benefits, find out how to join for just $25 a month HERE.

Thursday, June 4th
Only Attend This Meeting if 
You’re Worried About Retiring Rich, 
And Cutting Your Taxes…

Note change of date! We’re on Thursday, not Tuesday…

            Real estate investing is well-known for being a “tax advantaged” investment, but not too many people know about the two BIGGEST tax advantages: getting to build wealth by paying ZERO taxes, at least for a while, by investing in “Opportunity Zones” and by using the money in your self-directed IRA to do deals…

            You should attend this meeting if:

  1. You’re already buying properties in distressed areas—or plan to—but aren’t getting the huge tax breaks offered by the opportunity zone program
  2. You have a retirement plan that’s getting you crazy-low returns, and you need to boost those right away
  3. You don’t have a retirement plan, and you know you need one, and you need to start with a small contribution and build it FAST
  4. You know people with money in retirement plans, and you want to learn to work with them to to fund YOUR deals

            ‘Cause that’s what you’re gonna learn.

            Members and first-time guests are free; returning guests pay $35 (or, just take advantage of our super-cheap monthly online membership and get this meeting, plus a complete basic real estate education course, plus additional, education-packed special-interest focus group meeting every single week)…

            Because this meeting is via GoToMeeting, you MUST pre-register HERE to get your link to join!

May 21st (online)
How to Make Sure the Recession Doesn’t Happen to You
Plus Running Your Rentals the High-Tech, Low Touch Way
AND “Ask the Experts” Your Biggest Questions…

               What’s your plan for the next 2 years?

               Is it to hunker down, cut costs, and hope for the best?

               Or is it to grab the opportunities to help sellers, partner with other investors, house Americans, and end the recession with MORE wealth and income for you and your family than you have right now?

               Our May 21 meeting brings you advice from super-seasoned experts in “Recession Investing” and how to convert your rental business to a higher-tech, more hands-off operation (yes, even if you’re not a mogul or a geek).

               Click here to get the whole agenda and your link to join…

“Ask the Expert” Tables are Back, and 
Here’s How you use them…

               Other than the chance to meet in person and build relationships with like-minded people, the thing members have missed most about our meeting is our ‘ask the expert’ tables, where you can get YOUR most pressing, or oddball, or bothersome questions answered by folks with decades of real-life experience.

               Well, they’re back.

               On May 21st, we’re holding a pre-meeting Zoom that’s just for that purpose. With 5 experts on topics ranging from wholesaling to creative finance to notes to rehabs, you’ll pick the room that’s right for you and ask away…AND learn from the questions of others.

               It’s for members only, so there’s a separate link to register HERE.

Thursday May 7th 
(yes, you read that right, THURSDAY, May 7th)

The Necessary Art of Estimating Repair Costs 
Plus: Flipping in a Recession

         We’re changing things up by holding our May meeting in conjunction with our sister group, REIA of Greater Cincinnati (S.K.A. “COREE South”) on THURSDAY (instead of our usual Tuesday meeting day)…

         …But we’re also bringing you the hardcore education you’ve come to expect from COREE, with sessions on how the “quick cash” strategies of wholesaling and retailing work, and how they work differently in a soft market, plus the always-important topic of how to estimate rehab costs correctly…

--> (in fact, attendees will get a complete rehab estimation “cheat sheet” covering all of the major types of renovation and repair and what they cost)

      As always, members and first time guests are free, and returning guests pay just $35*.

     Since this is an online meeting, ya GOTTA pre-register so we can get you a link. Do that, and get the complete agenda, HERE.

*Better yet, check out our new monthly online membership option at that tab at the top of the page that says “Join Now”. It’s cheaper than paying by the meeting, AND gets you access to our 7 awesome focus groups, AND gets you free Ohio Real Estate Contracts, AND gets you a $997 beginner’s course at no charge. In fact, there’s no downside at all—just your opportunity to connect with the people and information you need to thrive!

April 16th: Special invitation for COREE members to attend for FREE

The Legendary Pete Fortunato How to Swap Your Way to What You Want…

              What have you heard about Pete Fortunato?

              That he’s brilliant? An incredible deal-maker? Thinks so far outside the box that he’s completely forgotten that there IS a box?

              It’s all true, and if there’s one blessing to this whole virus mess, it’s that we’ve managed to wedge ourselves into his ordinarily too-busy-to-present schedule, for 90 whole minutes, where he’ll talk about ‘exchanging’ (but not 1031 exchanging, that’d be too vanilla)—using ‘currency’ (but not dollars, that’s be too easy) you don’t even know you have to get properties, options, notes, and other things you really want.

              Anyway, this is an amazing opportunity to learn from perhaps the most brilliant real estate/deal structuring mind alive today, and since it’s online, you’ll need a link to join in. Get that HERE.

April 7th  [Online]

What You Need in a Fast-Changing Market:
1. Up-to-the-second information
2. Experienced advice
3. The support of a like-minded community

And guess what we’re bringing you on April 7th?

     So here are two skills that become big deals when the market slows down: negotiating win-win creative finance deals with sellers, and understanding how to evaluate properties when there are a lot fewer comparables, and prices are dropping.

     Our April 7th meeting covers BOTH of those topics, with creative deal-making genius Bill Cook talking about how to help sellers and get amazing, no-qualifying financing and Vena Jones-Cox teaching a workshop on property evaluation in a slow market. Between them, they have well over 50 years’ experience in hot markets and cold.

      You’ll also get the chance to buy and sell deals, and check out our member deal of the month.

     This meeting is a ‘guest night’ where the usual $35 guest fee is WAIVED, but because it’s online and you have to have a link to get in, you have to register (and get the details) HERE.

March 3rd:
AirBnB for Investors
Plus The Top 10 Reasons Wholesalers Fail...

     On March 3rd , we’re showing off some of COREE’s most innovative and successful members—and they’re coming to help YOU understand how to follow in their footsteps (and avoid their mistakes!) in strategies like Air BnB properties, and wholesaling.

     Our community is here to help you be successful, by sharing knowledge, resources, and life lessons from over 800 members with local experience in the real estate investing business. Whether you’re a brand-new investor or a seasoned pro looking to network with others, come check out this exciting group.

The entire agenda (including our free dinner and 6 p.m. early workshop for all investors) is at LINK; you can also RSVP or download a free first-time guest pass there!

February 15th:
All-day workshop!

The Secrets of Investing 
in Self-Storage with Scott Meyers

    Self-storage facilities are the hottest sector of the real estate market that you’ve never thought about. The market has doubled in the past decade, and is expected to double again in the next 10-12 years!

     Best of all, it provides that passive cash flow we all want, without the drama and cost that comes with residential tenants. 

     If you want to know more—lots more—join self-storage do-ru Scott Meyers as he shares an investment that gives you tons of passive income, can be operated remotely, and is accessible to even new investors, get to this event!

     Members and guests register HERE

Scott Meyers is the principal in over 30 self-storage facilities totaling more than 7,000 units!

February 4th:

Curious About Commercial Properties?
Looking for Partners, Deals, Money?
Or Just Want to Meet Like-Minded People?
Join us February 4th...

      If you're serious about making real estate a serious part of your income, you need to get with the local community that's here to educate, support, and help Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs grow their businesses quickly, safely, and ethically.

      At our February 4th meeting, nationally known self-storage investor Scott Meyers joins us to share his experiences in this passive income strategy, plus share what you have to offer (and what you're looking for) at our early meeting.

      You'll also get the chance to meet and network with 150 like-minded colleagues, find resources you need for your business, and, who knows? Maybe even do a deal or two. 

      Members and first-time guests are free; RSVP or get your free first-time guest pass HERE.

      If you're investing in, or interested in investing in, Columbus-area real estate, you're welcome here!

January 11th
There’s No Better Way to Spend a Day

Than Using it to Plan Your
More Successful, More Fulfilling Business.
Oh, Wait, Yes there Is…

            You can spend it guided by one of the most respected success coaches in the real estate business. Oh, and it could be cheap, too.

            Find out all about him, and it, HERE.

January 7th:
What if Your Real Estate Business in 2020
Was More Profitable AND Easier AND More Fun?

            Success in real estate isn’t just about the money in the bank: it’s about whether you’re enjoying it, and fulfilled by it, and working on the parts of it that are most productive AND the most within your “genius zone” (yeah, you have one).

            If you’re looking to build a business that doesn’t just produce wads of cash, but also contributes to the world, and your community, and that you’re excited to be part of every day, take an evening to learn exactly how to create THAT business in 2020.

            Our super-special guest speaker, Shaun McCloskey, has literally coached the most successful real estate investors in the U.S.—names you’d know, and people with businesses you want for yourself—in this process. It’s been 2 years since he’s made an appearance at a local Real Estate Association, so this is a “don’t miss” event.

            Whether you’re brand new, or have a real estate business that isn’t…quite…what you’d hoped for, you’ll leave this meeting with a plan to build a business you’ll love, instead of just one that meets your financial needs. RSVP or get a first-time guest pass HERE  (Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs) does not give legal, tax, economic, or investment advice. COREE disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each person should consult their own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment, and related matters concerning Real Estate and other investments.   

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