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Main Meeting: The Notes and Mortgages Meeting

with... Andy Werner

AT EMBASSY SUITES, 2700 CORPORATE EXHANGE DRIVE. Learn why notes and mortgages are a great way to get more deals, plus buy or sell notes at our “note marketplace…”

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Embassy Suites
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr Columbus, OH 43231


OPHP Credits
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August 6th:
Our All-Notes (and Mortgages) Night!

            One of the benefits of belonging to a huge community (650 and growing daily!) of real estate entrepreneurs is the sheer diversity of knowledge and experience within the group.

            From flippers to landlords to note buyers, COREE has folks that specialize in the whole range of money-making strategies, and we’re always looking for new ways to expose YOU to ways of doing business that help you grow.

            Our August 6th meeting is all about one of the most powerful things you can know about in the real estate business: notes and mortgages. You’re welcome to join us, whether you’re a member or not; you can download a free first time guest pass HERE, or RSVP below.

7:30-9:00 Main Meeting
Why You NEED to Know Notes (at least, if you want to buy and sell more real estate) with Andy Werner
OPHP 1.5 hours finance

            Want to close more real estate deals? Then don’t think of “The Note Business” as something that you’re not in, or that you’ll get into later, when you have money.

            Notes are a LOT more versatile than you probably think. Sure, you can invest in and flip ‘em, but you can also use them to get twice as many of your offers accepted, and to sell wholesale and retail deals for higher profits.

            This meeting is all about notes—but not in the way you’re probably used to. Andy Werner will show every single person in the room why you can use a basic knowledge of notes to:

  • Literally double your “accepted offer” rate without spending one dime on marketing—and beat out every single competing investor on price, while still making MORE money than they do
  • Stop throwing away deals from sellers who really do want to sell, but “want too much”
  • Add multiple streams of passive cash flow to your “flipping business”, so that you have money coming in every month even if you don’t do another deal
  • Turn your rentals TRULY passive—not that tenants-and-toilets kind of passive, but real, mailbox-money passive

This is obviously not your run-of-the-mill “notes and mortgages” presentation—it’s an eye-opening look at what you’re missing when you don’t weave what notebuyers know into your entire real estate business.

Andy Werner is a super-experienced real estate investor who’s done over 4,000 wholesale, retail, rental, and creative deals, not to mention place over $50 million in private loans; he’s joining us to pass on what he’s learned about how understanding the note business makes the real estate business more profitable and makes you a lot more competitive in the market.

Whether you’re already in the note business, or your goal is more properties, you’ll learn new ways to make deals and make money at this meeting!

6:00 early workshop
Note Marketplace!
OPHP 1 hour elective

            We’re going to prove that the Columbus note market is thriving, by giving you the chance to buy and sell performing and non-performing notes and mortgages at this early workshop.

            Bring your notes, partials, land contracts, whatever you’d like to turn into cash, and be ready to present them to a group hungry for these deals. Be ready to provide all the details like seasoning, rates of return, info about the security, etc.

            Looking to BUY notes? Bring your requirements and let the folks in the room know what they are.

            Let’s do some business!


5:30     Free light dinner & networking time
            Ask the expert tables open (members only)
6:00     Note marketplace
7:00     Deal of the month
            Guest orientation
            Buy-sell-trade (members only)
7:30     Ask the expert tables close
            Why You Need to Know Notes with Andy Werner
9:00     Meeting after the meeting at the hotel bar (everyone welcome)

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Free For Members
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Date:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Time:  5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Embassy Suites
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr
Columbus, OH 43231

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OPHP Credits:
Finance (1.50 hours)
Elective (1.00 hours)
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