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Main Meeting: How to estimate rehab costs right + What are Cash strategies and how they work in a soft market

with... Jerry Fink

Learn the steps to tackling the rehab estimation process: what to do BEFORE the offer and AFTER it's accepted. At our early meeting, you'll learn what cash strategies are and how they work in a soft market!

Thursday, May 7, 2020 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Virtual ONLINE Event


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Thursday May 7th (Note change of date!)
The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Rehab Costs Right
+ Quick Cash Strategies (and How They Work in a Recession)

    Did you know that your COREE membership connects you with groups throughout the state of Ohio?

   Our 10 sister groups, located in cities live Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron, and more, are all united under the Ohio Real Estate Investor Association banner, and COREE members can attend any regular meeting of any of those groups at no charge, just as if you were a member there!

   This month, we’re taking the opportunity presented by online meetings to join up with REIA of Greater Cincinnati for a giant joint meeting on Thursday, May 7th, on a topic EVERY real estate investor, wholesaler, private lender, and landlord needs to know about.

We’ll share info about the overall Ohio market, what deals look like in both cities, and more…Plus, you’ll get the excellent, up-to-the-minute instruction you’re here for…all without the 2 hour drive…

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Here’s what you’ll find out when you join us:

6:00-7:00 Early Workshop for new investors
Cash strategies: what they are and how they work in a soft market
with Vena Jones-Cox

     One of the things we’re supposed to do when the market is ‘hot’ is gather up cash reserves—for our personal bills, for our investment properties, and for buying deals when the market turns.

And one of the ways that we do that is by treating property as inventory, also known as “flipping”, also known as wholesaling and retailing.


But this downturn came FAST, and maybe you didn’t have time to sock away the cash you need to thrive in the new market. So what now?

        As part of our monthly “new investor” series, we’ll cover the basics of wholesaling and retailing, including exactly what these 2 strategies are, the resources and tasks you’ll need to do them, and most importantly, whether they’re still viable ways to get cash in a market where buyers are harder to come by.

7:00-7:30 Ohio Market Update with Mike Nees        
What’s happening with prices, inventory, and sales in Columbus, Cincinnati, and around the state and what to expect in the months to come
Member Buy-Sell-Trade        
Got a deal to sell? Looking to buy? Trying to get rid of that extra stove? Looking for help, or a partner? Send your requests to Sara by noon on May 6th, and we’ll share ‘em with the 300+ expected attendees at this meeting!

7:30-9:00 Main Meeting
The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Rehab Costs RIGHT
with Jerry Fink

         In any market, estimating rehab costs is an important skill.

        But in a cold market, it’s a CRUCIAL one, because you don’t have rising house prices and desperate buyers to save you from a mistake.

        We ALL have to have this skill if we want to make good offers and good deals: retailers, of course, but also wholesalers, landlords, even note buyers and private lenders have to have a keen understanding of the cost to bring their properties (or their buyer’s properties, or their security) into good condition.

        At this meeting, super-experienced landlord (as in, bought his first rental in 1986) / retailer (as in, has managed well over 200 rehabs, including a 100 unit apartment building) Jerry Fink will share:

  • The steps to tackling the rehab estimation process: what to do BEFORE you make an offer, how to write to offer so you can get out of it if you’re wrong, and what to do AFTER the offer is accepted to make sure you got it right before you close

 The differences between estimating costs on a rental vs. a bread-and-butter rehab vs. a move-up rehab (they can be as much as 50%, no kidding)

 Why you ALWAYS assume that you, or your buyer, or your borrower, will hire professionals and pull permits, even if that’s not what you’d do

 How to stay on top of rehab costs as they change, as they always do in chaotic times

 Actual costs of all the major rehab categories: roofs, gutters, windows, drywall, kitchens, baths, and more…

In fact, everyone who ATTENDS will get a rehab ‘cheat sheet’ of all costs of typical rehab items broken down by category! If you’re not there, don’t even ask: Jerry usually only releases this to people who’ve paid him a bunch of money for his services, and this is his special #CrisisBlessing for attendees only!

Do we even need to say it? You need to be glued to your computer or tablet on May 7th for this…


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Date:  Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time:  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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