April 7th  [Online]

What You Need in a Fast-Changing Market:
1. Up-to-the-second information
2. Experienced advice
3. The support of a like-minded community

And guess what we’re bringing you on April 7th?

     So here are two skills that become big deals when the market slows down: negotiating win-win creative finance deals with sellers, and understanding how to evaluate properties when there are a lot fewer comparables, and prices are dropping.

     Our April 7th meeting covers BOTH of those topics, with creative deal-making genius Bill Cook talking about how to help sellers and get amazing, no-qualifying financing and Vena Jones-Cox teaching a workshop on property evaluation in a slow market. Between them, they have well over 50 years’ experience in hot markets and cold.

      You’ll also get the chance to buy and sell deals, and check out our member deal of the month.

     This meeting is a ‘guest night’ where the usual $35 guest fee is WAIVED, but because it’s online and you have to have a link to get in, you have to register (and get the details) HERE.

You need a community of like-minded investors more than ever...
And We're Here for You!

It's an interesting time to be a real estate investor...lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.

Our members have...well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in 'good' markets and 'bad', and we're working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate...

Plus, we know how much you value NETWORKING with like-minded people, so...

COREE's meetings are continuing uninterrupted (but online, of course), including our regular 1st Tuesday of the month meetings, and our AWESOME members-only focus groups.

If you're a member, you'll get links and passwords to all of our focus group meetings, regular meetings, and special meeting via email, so make sure we have your BEST email.

If you're not a member, become one! Click HERE for our inexpensive, satisfaction guaranteed membership options. 

Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you're welcome!

COREE: A Community Just for You!

We're More Than Just a "Real Estate Investors Association": 
We're a Community OF Real Estate Entrepreneurs, 
FOR Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

     Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs is the Columbus area's largest, fastest-growing, most excited and exciting community of real estate investors, landlords, wholesalers, retailers, creative buyers, lease/option aficionados and more.

     Our community is open to new and experienced wealth builders who value:

  • The immense local, in-the-trenches knowledge and experience contained within our community
  • Both introductory and in-depth training on a variety of potential strategies 
  • Education about tactics AND ethics, hows AND whys, benefits AND risks
  • Sharing resources from knowledge to referrals with fellow members
  • The support and confidence that a group of like-minded, prosperity-focused can give you in starting or growing your real estate business

         Yes, COREE gives you tons of money-making, locally-based education about how to make more money in real estate investing. But what's REALLY valuable is the sense of community you get with other Columbus-area landlords, wholesalers, retailers, note investors, and the people who provide services to them.

     Got questions about neighborhoods? Need contractor recommendations? Have a deal to sell, or need to buy one? Need to learn to do your first deal, or to build your little real estate business into a big one? Or just want to hang with awesome people who believe as strongly as you do that real estate investing is an awesome business?

     Our main meetings are open to the public and your first meeting is always FREE; download a first-time guest pass to our next main meeting by clicking any main meeting announcement in the right column.

Join us and see...COREE is a community you can't do without!

March 3rd:
AirBnB for Investors
Plus The Top 10 Reasons Wholesalers Fail...

     On March 3rd , we’re showing off some of COREE’s most innovative and successful members—and they’re coming to help YOU understand how to follow in their footsteps (and avoid their mistakes!) in strategies like Air BnB properties, and wholesaling.

     Our community is here to help you be successful, by sharing knowledge, resources, and life lessons from over 800 members with local experience in the real estate investing business. Whether you’re a brand-new investor or a seasoned pro looking to network with others, come check out this exciting group.

The entire agenda (including our free dinner and 6 p.m. early workshop for all investors) is at LINK; you can also RSVP or download a free first-time guest pass there!

February 15th:
All-day workshop!

The Secrets of Investing 
in Self-Storage with Scott Meyers

    Self-storage facilities are the hottest sector of the real estate market that you’ve never thought about. The market has doubled in the past decade, and is expected to double again in the next 10-12 years!

     Best of all, it provides that passive cash flow we all want, without the drama and cost that comes with residential tenants. 

     If you want to know more—lots more—join self-storage do-ru Scott Meyers as he shares an investment that gives you tons of passive income, can be operated remotely, and is accessible to even new investors, get to this event!

     Members and guests register HERE

Scott Meyers is the principal in over 30 self-storage facilities totaling more than 7,000 units!

February 4th:

Curious About Commercial Properties?
Looking for Partners, Deals, Money?
Or Just Want to Meet Like-Minded People?
Join us February 4th...

      If you're serious about making real estate a serious part of your income, you need to get with the local community that's here to educate, support, and help Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs grow their businesses quickly, safely, and ethically.

      At our February 4th meeting, nationally known self-storage investor Scott Meyers joins us to share his experiences in this passive income strategy, plus share what you have to offer (and what you're looking for) at our early meeting.

      You'll also get the chance to meet and network with 150 like-minded colleagues, find resources you need for your business, and, who knows? Maybe even do a deal or two. 

      Members and first-time guests are free; RSVP or get your free first-time guest pass HERE.

      If you're investing in, or interested in investing in, Columbus-area real estate, you're welcome here!

January 11th
There’s No Better Way to Spend a Day

Than Using it to Plan Your
More Successful, More Fulfilling Business.
Oh, Wait, Yes there Is…

            You can spend it guided by one of the most respected success coaches in the real estate business. Oh, and it could be cheap, too.

            Find out all about him, and it, HERE.

January 7th:
What if Your Real Estate Business in 2020
Was More Profitable AND Easier AND More Fun?

            Success in real estate isn’t just about the money in the bank: it’s about whether you’re enjoying it, and fulfilled by it, and working on the parts of it that are most productive AND the most within your “genius zone” (yeah, you have one).

            If you’re looking to build a business that doesn’t just produce wads of cash, but also contributes to the world, and your community, and that you’re excited to be part of every day, take an evening to learn exactly how to create THAT business in 2020.

            Our super-special guest speaker, Shaun McCloskey, has literally coached the most successful real estate investors in the U.S.—names you’d know, and people with businesses you want for yourself—in this process. It’s been 2 years since he’s made an appearance at a local Real Estate Association, so this is a “don’t miss” event.

            Whether you’re brand new, or have a real estate business that isn’t…quite…what you’d hoped for, you’ll leave this meeting with a plan to build a business you’ll love, instead of just one that meets your financial needs. RSVP or get a first-time guest pass HERE.

December 3rd
Food, Fun, & Fighting, and You're Invited! 

        It’s the end of another year packed with education and information to build your real estate investing or flipping business, and it’s time for the COREE team to thank our amazing community (that’s you!) with food, networking, bargains, and fun! 

        5:30-7:00 p.m.  Dinner + Networking
        5:30-8:00 p.m.  Silent Auction 
        7:30-9:00 p.m.  Best (and Worst Deals) of the Year

        Bring your spouse or partner (Members and First Time Guests are FREE, Returning Guests $35), but most importantly PLEASE, PLEASE RSVP by November 28th, so we know how much food to order! RSVP HERE

November 5th
Ever Wondered Whether There's Money in VACANT LAND? This months presenter says "OH Yeah."
(and we are back at our usual location, the DoubleTree Hotel at 175 Hutchinson Avenue  in Worthington)

              COREE is here for you, month in and month out, to introduce real-life strategies that you can really use to make money, save money, and be a better business person. At this month’s general meeting, we’ve got 2 great topics that the education mills never address.

              At this meeting, Surender Sharma will share how he’s built a business flipping land,and passive cash flow selling land on terms. He’ll explain what kind of land works best (and which “deals” to completely avoid), who the best sellers and buyers are,why you can do deals WAY outside your local market, and more.

              Get the full agenda, RSVP, or get a free first-time guest pass HERE

October 1st
Secrets of Getting Better Money from Banks
+ Real Estate When You Have a Job

              Bank loans are cut-and-dried, right? Make your down payment, pass their credit checks, follow their rules, and you’re good to go.

              That’s not the whole story—and you’ll learn how to get better deals (lines of credit! Preferred service!) at this month’s COREE meeting.

              Plus, if you have a job AND a real estate business, come to our early session at 6 to find out how to grow the latter without losing the former (and things to think about, carefully, before you quit).

              Get the full agenda, RSVP, or get a free first-time guest pass HERE

September 3rd
  If Passive Income Turns You On More Than Flipping,
  You'll LOOOOOVE this meeting...

      Best-selling author, successful serial entrepreneur, and award-winning educator George Antone is coming to COREE to share the hard-core advice about minimizing risk, using debt intelligently, protecting your portfolio when the market declines, and creating a passive-income lifestyle fast, but safely, that he’s nationally famous for.

      If your REAL goal is long-term wealth and passive income, you REALLY need to know George; this meeting is free to members and guests when you RSVP HERE

August 22nd-25th
LIVE, Hands-On Wholesaling Academy!

                  Are you serious about building a 6-figure wholesaling business? Come to Cincinnati and spend 4 days watching and participating in REAL seller calls, negotiations, property inspections, evaluations, and more! Click HERE to learn more.

August 17th
Want to Know More About Notes and Mortgages?
The One-Day Workshop Shows You Their Power…

            We bet you’ve heard some of the most successful members of the REIAGC community sing the praises of notes and mortgages—they’re high-yielding investments, AND a powerful way to get more deals.

            Check out our 1-day Notes 101 workshop with nationally-recognized expert Andy Werner HERE. Space is limited, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’re running out of seats…

August 6th
Interested in Notes and Mortgages?
You Should Be…
And this meeting teaches you why

We’re at the Embassy Suites, 2700 Corporate Exchange Drive, off 270 at the Cleveland Avenue Exit!

            Investing in notes and mortgages is probably the hottest strategy of the last decade, and for good reason. Performing and defaulted “paper” is much more available to individuals than it used to be, and the returns are crazy.

            But there’s more to notes and mortgages than just buying or flipping them—you can also use them to get more offers accepted, or turn your rentals into TRULY passive income…and that’s why you need to get more familiar with the powerful strategy.

            Join us August 6th to learn more, and get the chance to buy or sell notes at our early meeting. Learn more, RSVP or get your free first-time guest pass HERE

July 2nd
Meet Your Next Partner/Lender/Buyer/Mentor
at Our Real Estate Investor Speed Dating Event…

            Enough talk—let’s build some relationships.

            Meet 150+ active, excited real estate investors and learn to use the value you can provide to get whatever it is that you need at our moderated networking event. You’ll make connections that will last a lifetime.

            Come early to learn about how to market the RIGHT way to get more leads and deals; all the details and your RSVP (or first-time guest pass) HERE

June 22

2 Ways to Make Serious Money
From Those Ugly Junkers
You Don't Want to Keep...with Vena Jones-Cox
     You've seen them...houses that need a ton of work, that you can't or don't want to tackle as keepers or rehab projects--
        But if you've been passing them up, you've also been walking away from MAJOR profits. like 6-figure a year profits.
        In fact, there are TWO ways you can turn these dogs into checks in your pockets, and that's the topic of COREE's all-day workshop. For more information and to register, click HERE.

June 22-23 (Cincinnati)
Retire Rich with Real Estate
And Self-Directed Retirement Plans

          Finally, a workshop that doesn’t just teach you THAT you can retire rich, but HOW to do it, tax-free, by doing real estate deals like flips, rentals, note buying, partnerships, and private lending in your self-directed IRA or 401K

          Whether you're looking to build you own tax-free retirement plan, or your goal is to utilize OTHER PEOPLE'S retirement money to fund your rentals, flips, and notes, this detailed class will tell you what you need to know to do that.

          We've got the 2 top experts in the field, John Bowens from Equity Trust Company, and tax attorney John Hyre, to show you everything you need to know about: 

      Our detailed, 2-day workshop schools you in the opportunities and the rules you need to follow.

        Best of all, you'll meet dozens of other current and future IRA investors, and build your network of potential partners, lenders, and borrowers!

        Get more details and grab your seat right here!

June 4th 
If You Aren’t Interested
in Long-Term Wealth,
Stay Home on June 4th…

    Because this meeting is ALL ABOUT massive, passive cash flow and retiring rich with real estate!

    You’ll learn how your IRA or 401K can buy, flip, or even finance real estate TAX FREE (think about the compounding power of getting to reinvest ALL of your profits back into more money-making assets, instead of losing 20% or more to taxes on every deal), plus why small apartment buildings create the best returns with the least competition…

    If you’re looking for get-rich-quick hype, stay home. If you’re looking for get-really-rich-for-real, get all the details, RSVP, HERE.


May 7th
The 2019 Central Ohio Real Estate Investing Expo
Free and Open to the Public!

         The Columbus area’s premier expo and trade show introduces you to the people and resources you need to start or grow your own real estate investing business! Over 200 like-minded local investors and flippers, plus dozens of investor-friendly lenders, suppliers, professional, and even notes and deals for sale! Pre-register HERE

Do You Have A Product or Service that Our 200+ Attendees Should Be Using?
A limited number of expo booths are still available! Application HERE

April 2nd
BILL COOK on How to Use What You Have To Get What You Want
PLUS Creative Finance: 1 Deal, 4 Ways

     Here at COREE, we're dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the Columbus area.

     At this month’s meeting—we’re thrilled to announce that we have master creative investor Bill Cook back for one night only to share how to use a combination of creative financing and other people’s money, knowledge, and efforts to drastically speed up the day when you, too have all the assets you need.

     Come early for free dinner and our 6:00 workshop with Vena Jones-Cox: Creative Finance--1 Deal, 4 Ways.

     We expect this meeting to be completely full, so please RSVP (or download a free guest pass, if you’re joining us for the first time), and get the agenda and the location for the meeting HERE.

March 30th 
All-day workshop:
How to Build a Real Estate Business That Actually Works

Spend a whole day working on building YOUR real estate business. You'll start with your vision, work on a business plan, learn about what systems and core processes really are, and see how virtual assistants work in a real estate business. For new and experienced investors; learn more and register at this link.

March 5th
Learn How to Build a Bigger, Better, More Profitable Real Estate Business + How to Find and Get Auction Deals

     Here at central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE) we are dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the greater Columbus area. 

    One of the keys to becoming REALLY independent--both in money and in TIME--is to make sure you're building a real business (you know, with systems, and other people to run them), instead of just making real estate your "job". 

    At this months' meeting, we've invited local uber- investor Bob Dressman to share how he changed his mindset and went from hustling 12 hour days, as an agent, to dude with so many assets he only works in his real estate business because it's fun, not because he has to. Plus, at our 6:00 early workshop, you'll learn another way of finding bargain properties in the 'down' market--online AUCTIONS.

  We expect this meeting to be completely full, so please RSVP (or download a free guest pass, if you’re joining us for the first time), and get the agenda and location for the meeting HERE.

February 16th
You Know You Need More Private Money!
All-day workshop: How to “Get More Private Lenders” 

     Here at central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE) we are dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the greater Columbus area and when our members wanted to learn more about private lenders we called the nation’s top expert on raising private money for buying, rehabbing, and holding properties of all sorts...Alan Cowgill.

     At the February 16th workshop with Alan Cowgill—learn why private money is THE BEST—it’s quick, low-hassle, often ‘no qualifying’, AND it has a feature that borrowing from banks and even seller financing doesn’t; you can get money for purchase AND repairs.

    This workshop will sell out, so please register right now, right HERE.

January 12th 9am-5pm
Back to the Basics: How to Succeed in Real Estate in 2019 and Beyond

Our first workshop of the year is going back to those fundamentals: whether you’re a new or active investor, these 2 highly experienced investors will show you (or remind you) what you REALLY need to be focusing on in 2019.

Your instructors are Dave Payerchin, who has sold over 1,000 wholesale, retail, and turnkey rental properties in the past 16 years, and runs a business that completes over 150 deals a year, and Vena Jones-Cox, a 25+ year veteran of the wholesale, rental, and creative finance business.

For more information and to register, click HERE.

January 8th Main Meeting
(note change of date to avoid New Year's Day!)

Hours of Free Business-Building Advice
from COREE's Most Successful Members...

    We're kicking off 2019 by introducing you to some of Central Ohio's most prolific, experienced rental property owners and flippers, who will talk about how they'd get from $0 to $1 million in 5 years or less, if they lost everything except their knowledge. Plus, at the early meeting at 6, we'll talk about how to set the right real estate goals for the 'down' market of 2019--what you'll need to know, learn, and do to take advantage of the amazing wealth-building opportunity presented by this mid-cycle slowdown. 

    Get the details and RSVP (or download your free first-time guest pass) HERE.

February 5th--

Need More Private Money? 
Want to Know More About “Opportunity Zones”? 
Looking to Connect with Local Real Estate Entrepreneurs? 
Then You Need to be HERE, February 5th

  Here at central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE) is dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the greater Columbus area, right now.

     At this month’s meeting—open to ANYONE interested in investing in real estate in the Greater Columbus area—we’re thrilled to welcome Alan Cowgill, the nation’s top expert on raising private money for buying, rehabbing, and holding properties of all sorts. He’ll share how and why to find and recruit private lenders at our 7:30 meeting

   Come early for free dinner and our 6:00 workshop,  all about how to take advantage of the huge tax breaks available in the new “Opportunity Zones” in central Ohio.

    We expect this meeting to be completely full, so please RSVP (or download a free guest pass, if you’re joining us for the first time), and get the agenda and location for the meeting HERE.


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